Please note that these courses are INFORMATIONAL ONLY and are not certification courses for workplace requirements.


For Parents, Grandparents and Guardians
INFANT CARE- new born to 12 months
One Hour Infant choking and CPR workshop!
Perfect for the busy parent/grandparent.
We will talk PREVENTION but teach you what to do just in case!!
Taught in your home for groups of 4 or more.
Or, every couple of months at our training center in Sherwood Park.

$40 plus gst per person

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TODDLER/YOUNG CHILD CARE- 1 year old on up

1 hour mini class on the prevention of choking for the toddler/young child age group.
This age group faces different challenges with choking then they did as infants.
Prevention, what to do if they do choke and basic child CPR is covered.
$40 plus GST per person

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**Take BOTH workshops at the same time and SAVE** **2 hour combined workshop for only $60 per person**

Student, Boy Scout Girl Scout First Aid

One hour first aid taster
This course is offered at $20 for the first hour per student
*Communication and Care
Plus one subject from :
Compression only CPR
Severe bleeding
Chest Pains
Recovery Position

CPR will be taught as a demonstration and practice session only.

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Build Your Own

Length of course varies on the options
Ideal for Students, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts or other Youth Groups
$20 per student for the first hour and $5 per student per each additional hour
If your needs are more specific, choose your own modules to suit your students.
A minimum of two hours training is highly recommended.
20 minute modules include:
Allergic Reaction
Bites and Stings
Minor bleeding and bruising
Burns and scalds
Chest pains
*Communication and care
First Aid Kit
Foreign Objects
Low blood sugar
Primary Survey
30 minute Modules include:
Bone, muscle and joint injuries
Head injuries
Heat and cold - extreme
Recovery position
Compression only CPR
Severe bleeding
Spinal Injury
** Use of AED (11 years old+ only)

* recommended if your students have not completed a first aid course in the past year
** only offered with CPR

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